i want donuts all the time in my mouth





That the kind of eye-rape that gets you from 0 to 60 in 3.2 seconds.


if he ever looked at me like that, I’m pulling him in the bed room

can i pls have him

Everything he does oozes sex
claw foot, Deranged

No worries or fears 

Of not being successful,

Of you leaving, 

Or me not being here tomorrow

Just me,

My wrinkled fingers &

My bare body

No judgement can surpass

This iron-clad shield 

That is my bath

I am accepted here

I am perfect 

No opinions 

I am fully exposed 

Sweet Happiness

A possible reason for my excessive dwell in slumber must be my way of speeding up the waiting process. Waiting for you- to awaken me; whoever your may be.

03.08.12 09.06.12
Koala Hugs

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Would you be there to hold my hair back while I hunch over a toilet bowl, all horrid and sick, way past midnight into the break of dawn?

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back dimples

Is every reference to my passion, prose, potency and richness in writing- a reference to your glorious contours that make up the shape of your body, features, your perfection even in action; those sweet nothings you nudge and whisper. Potential of a gorgeous commitment.

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